American specialists offered a new effective 5-day program for those who want to give up smoking and could not manage to do that before. This program involves many interesting suggestions, and according to the reviews, this program works for a substantial amount of people. Below, you can see the tips on what should and should not be done during the 5 days of the program.

Day 1. Set up your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than your usual wake up time, take a shower and drink a glass of water. Your breakfast should include only fruit and any type of fruit juice. Do some breathing exercises after the breakfast, and during the day every time when you have cravings to tobacco, drink a glass of fruit juice and do 2-3 breathing exercises. You lunch should include fresh or boiled vegetables and your favorite desert. Take a walk after the lunch and avoid talking or seeing smoking people. Eat a light dinner, and in the evening avoid watching TV and sitting on a soft chair.

Day 2. Do the same routine, drink a glass of fresh juice every time you feel cravings and do 4-5 breathing exercises. Try to spend as much as possible time outside, doing physical activities with those people who do not smoke. Play tennis or soccer, go swimming or fishing, and so on.

Day 3. It is the key day. If you can avoid taking a cigarette in your hand today, you should consider that you almost made it. Avoid eating heavy foods, but enjoy something sweet instead. Spend your time in a company of non-smokers, avoid watching TV and doing all possible relaxing activities on your own.

Day 4. You’ll see that your cravings for tobacco are starting to decrease, and many of the patients stop feeling a need to smokeing by the end of this day. Follow the recommended diet, do lots of breathing exercises.

Day 5. Your cravings will substantially decrease, and your self0confidence will rise very high. Follow the diet and do breathing exercises, but be aware that you got as close to your goal as you’ve never dine before!