It is reported that every one of four people in the world is suffering from occasional or chronic insomnia. The symptoms of this sleep disorder are well known. When you can’t fall asleep till deep night and have to lay down in the bed awake for hours, when you wake up at night and have problems falling asleep again, it is insomnia. However, one of the most terrible outcomes of this problem comes in the morning, cos’ you feel that you have not slept all night long.

More to come: you feel weak, exhausted, depressed, dejected and stressed out all day long, you can’t work or do your daily activities properly, can’t get focused and think clearly. Insomnia is a curse of our times, and sleeping less than 7-8 hours a day costs us a lot. Some people experience this problem occasionally and have to combat with what is called mild insomnia. But some have to cope with chronic insomnia, which drains all the powers and gets more severe as we age.

insomniaCertainly, many tend to believe that insomnia is caused by certain mental conditions: stresses, increased anxiety and nervous tension, depression, fears, pressure and other factors we have to face all the time. However, not only mental, but also physical factors, including hormonal changes, changes in our nutrition, daily routine and other habits, climatic changes and others can contribute to emotional shifts causing insomnia.

There’s a variety of options for those who are looking for effective solutions for insomnia. Mainly, there are three types of treatments: medications, herbal remedies and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). In the context of the first option, one may look for help of prescription sleep medications. Herbal remedies and homemade treatments for this problem include using herbs and plants which have relaxing and calming effects. One can try Lemon Balm, St. John’s Wort or Valerian, to name a few. Finally, CBT includes using several approaches: learning the basics of cognitive control, developing proper sleep habits, going through relaxation therapies, and so on.